Ever After

In love with the dress

The moment you tried it on, the butterflies you felt, the knowledge that it was ‘the one’. The gown you wore when you walked down the aisle. The one that took his breath away. Chances are you were so swept up in the overwhelming amount of emotion on that day that you didn't get the opportunity to truly admire yourself in your dress.

We'd love for you to wear ‘the one’ again!  Let’s take the day to explore your dress in a whole new light and have some fun, complete with hair and makeup, champagne, desserts, good music, and of course, amazing photos.

Sessions - $190 + $100 print credit towards art prints and press.

For more information: contact@foundinlove.com

Nina - Married on August 05, 2011 in her Alice and Olivia Dress.

Before / After